“Violet” by Sea Girls

UK based indie rockers Sea Girls recently gave us the sweet joy of sonic experience that is “Violet” and now they come with the visuals to go with it. The latest music video beautifully complements the feel of the verses and melodies while enhancing the experience with this amazing track. The guys showcase another side of their music with a soundscape that is lighter and softer as it paints a picture that makes your heart beat a little faster and a smile instantly appear in your face. There’s something about this song that made it an instant favorite for me and I am sure it will be the same for other fans of the band. Enter their world, get your voice ready, tune your air guitar and enjoy the ride that these talented guys have set for you.

“’We may have songs with darkness, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look to the light. ‘Violet’ is wildly optimistic and for the video we find ourselves in an abandoned building and this time we aren’t feeling sorry for ourselves. The song is a little unhinged and so is the video.”

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