“Idiot Victory” by The Dirty Nil

Canadian indie punk-rockers The Dirty Nil come to Wolf in a Suit once more and they do so with electric gem that is “Idiot Victory”. With this passionate and energy filled soundscape they embrace the rebellious and mesmerizing feel of the punk genre in a way that is exciting and welcomed. The track catches you off guard and instantly pulls you into a world crafted by this uber-talented band as the verses play with your imagination. There’s something about that is so real and so in your face that it hits you like a wave of something new and different. There’s no denying that this band is one of the greatest exports from the Canadian music scene and they are surely bound for greatness. So join in their rebellion and enjoy this electric ride!

“To be honest, the song is about smashing your partner’s cell phone in a desperate bid for attention.

I certainly participate in the modern landscape of social media but like many, I’m concerned about its obstruction of true, real-life connection. The title, to me is something separate. I like the ambiguity of it. It can be contextualized depending on its association.

When we were thinking of ideas for a video, it conjured for me a sense of jubilation. We wanted to incorporate some of the people who have connected significantly with our band and showcase some alternative talents they possess. To me, “Idiot Victory” is the triumph of the underdog and a celebration of all things strange. Please play loud. Let your freak flag fly brothers and sisters.”

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