“Sedona” by JunkBunny

Houston based punk-rock band JunkBunny come to Wolf in a Suit for the first time with the electric and mesmerizing musical gem that is “Sedona”. With this incredible and perfectly soundscape these young guys take the music scene by storm through passion, talent and that certain unknown ingredient that is typically known as “it”. The track is incredible and from the very first second becomes a must have experience as the melodies and verses come together to give us something electric for our senses to enjoy. There’s no denying that we witnessing the rise of a band bound for greatness and glory as their punk-rock sounds transcend the limits of the genre and capture all music lovers alike. Listen, have fun and enjoy the ride.

‘Sedona’ was a song that we wrote early on, once we started to write our own music. It’s really cool to see the end product of an idea that started with a simple vision of a road trip vibe. We are super thankful for the hardworking and supportive crew that helped make our vision for the video a reality.”

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