‘And she said
“If you dance with me, darling
If you take me home
Will we talk in the morning?”‘

“Will we talk?” by Sam Fender

UK based Vevo LIFT artist Sam Fender comes to us with the honest and mesmerizing musical creation that is “Will we talk?”. With this exquisite and refreshingly real account of events that you and I might have gone through at one point or another in our lives he hypnotizes our senses and plays around with our memories. The soundscape is rebellious, charming yet somehow down to earth and inviting making it a personal instant favorite. Your imagination is sure to fall victim to this blend of melodies and lyrics that he as set forth in front of us as they will instantly connect with you and paint a picture so familiar and so real. There’s no judgement or wrong answer as it’s his life and it’s your life, but the beauty truly lies in how descriptive and captivating this soundscape can be. Listen, see and enjoy the ride!

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