“I know it’s not supposed to be easy
Pouring out the bottled up feelings
But I didn’t think it would be this hard
Walking to school with a broken heart
And the jacket ’round my waist feels stupid
I don’t know why the hell we do this
Saying I’m sorry like I’m the one
Who’s picking us apart for fun…”

“Not Gonna cry” by Emma Steinbakken

Up and coming Norwegian indie singer/songwriter Emma Steinbakken comes to Wolf in a Suit with a youthful tale of heartbreak in “Not gonna cry”. With this soundscape she opens up her heart and soul and pulls us into her own story of love, break-up and the heartache that follows. She understands that there are moments in which is better to say goodbye rather than to stay living a lie and knowing that the other person is not in it like you are . She caresses our hearts and souls with verses that ring true and speak words that we can connect with and truly feel within. The song is a well crafted addition to a growing body of work that shows the obvious signs of an artist bound for greatness. So listen carefully and open your eyes as you are pulled into her world and your imagination becomes one with her vision. Enjoy!

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