“Under the influence” by Mike Dignam

UK based Soulful indie pop singer/songwriter Mike Dignam comes to Wolf in a Suit for the first time with the intoxicating gem that is “Under the influence”. He crafts a soundscape that is immediately captivating and mesmerizing for it gives your senses a perfect dose of reality and humanity. The soundscape takes shape and form as the melodies and lyrics come together telling a story that is sure to grab a hold of your heart and make it feel something. Plus the visuals perfectly complement the experience provided by the arrangements and our senses thank Mike for he takes us on a ride that is sure to stay with us. Enjoy!

“Under The Influence” was entirely self-produced so I’m unbelievably proud of it. It’s the first record I’ve ever produced and I’ve since gone on to produce my entire album, which will be out early 2020.

Having been away for nearly 3 years now, it feels more important to me than anything I’ve put out so far, and definitely my best works to date. The song is about the idea of heartbreak having control over you, like alcohol or substance abuse, a drug and asking to be excused for out of character actions because this feeling has completely taken over.”

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