“Stay” by Nicole Kiki Jaffe

Through beautiful choreography and melodies the talented Nicole Kiki Jaffe captures our hearts with the beauty that is “Stay”. With this one of a kind and honest musical creation she speaks not of falling in love, but staying in it and understand the ups and downs that are part of it. She reminds us that love grows, mature and goes through moments where it feels it could break but the real magic comes from staying through these moments. The soundscape is sure to capture not only your senses but your heart and soul as it fills you with a warmth that is truly out of this world. The track shares a message that we should all hear as we grow and understand that love is more than just the good, it takes some of the bad as well to break it or make it stronger. So listen, see and enjoy this amazing blend of melodies, vocals and visuals that are bound to be everlasting.

Stay is not a love song. It’s a song about love. Can love coexist with trauma and eventually overcome it? This song is my attempt to find out. It’s my plea to someone I once loved, someone who hurt me in ways that are hard to talk about. I revisit all the little moments like vignettes to try and understand what happened. When a bone breaks, the site of the fracture heals and eventually becomes the strongest part. I wanted to see if we could heal and if the broken part could become stronger. And so I asked him to stay. To stay instead of running away. To stay so I could understand. To stay so I could take back what was taken from me. To stay so I could forgive him. To stay so that I might love again and without reservation.”

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