“…Before you go look back on where you’ve been

When you fell down you did it beautifully

Your faults will mould you, making shapes unseen…”

“Beauty in your brokenness” by Wildwood Kin

UK based indie folk/pop band Wildwood Kin come to Wolf in a Suit once more with the inspiring musical creation that is “Beauty in your brokenness”. With this charming and honest soundscape, they remind us all that there’s something truly beautiful in the little imperfections that make us who we are. They understand that life comes with the good and the bad and while at times we might regret certain decisions and curse the tears once shed, they all have made us who we are today. Life is made of various shades of color and sometimes we have to paint it with the ones we least want to, but as we go on something mesmerizing is sure to take shape and form. They invite us to see beyond what’s known and remember how worthy of love, life, laughter and so much more we are. So listen closely with me and let us dive into this world they have created together. Enjoy!

Beth explains,“Have you heard about kintsugi? It is a Japanese art where they take broken pottery and put it back together using lacquer, dusted with gold and silver powder, to make a unique piece of art with intricate patterns only the brokenness creates. It is a reminder that our imperfections, mishaps and tragedies shape us and make us who we are.”

“‘Beauty In Your Brokenness’ is a message for us, too,” Emillie continues. “We’re not natural performers. We all think we’re not good enough, or confident enough to do this. But then people come to us after shows and say they liked our most awkward and weird moments, so it seems the mishaps make us relatable. Being who you are is the best approach to life.”

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