“Like I Do” by Moncrieff

Irish indie singer/songwriter Moncrieff does no seize to amaze and his latest must listen gem, “Like I do”,  is another mesmerizing creation. He adds the visuals perfectly into the mix setting the flames ablaze as the fire burns brighter and ready to burn you with it. The track is bittersweet yet empowering for the story that takes shape and form within the track is so real, so real and could easily be yours. He does not shy away from what comes after the happily ever after does not work and lets us take a peek inside his heart and soul after this fall from grace. It’s an exquisite and intoxicating experience to be able to explore this soundscape and find so much of not only him but yourself along the way. So listen closely and open up your eyes as you dive into the beautiful unknown that awaits within these verses and melodies. Enjoy!

“Like I Do” tells the story of a break up with an ex-partner with brutal honesty and sincerity. It always feels promising and a relief to have that moment of clarity about love, Like I Do is turning up at your exes door far too late and trying to win them back out of the hands of their new lover. Sometimes break up songs have a habit of being told with images and metaphors to help round off the edges and soften the blow a bit for the other person, but most of the time in real life it doesn’t work this way… in my experience and I’m sure in many others, when you break up, there’s tears, grit and angry words… there’s bitterness as well as care and love that hovers around and that’s what “Like I Do” captures: real feelings, bad times.”

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