“Keeping me alive” by Jonathan Roy

Canadian indie singer/songwriter Jonathan Roy embraces the fire that lies inside all of us beautifully allowing his voice to soar with “Keeping me alive”. With this exquisite and passionate blend of melodies and lyrics he reminds that we all fall down and make mistakes for life is not made of only the good but also of the bad. It’s a powerful reminder that we must push forward to make things happen as dreams will stay like that unless we do something about it. We can push our hearts to beat a little stronger, our voices to reach higher notes, our hands to bleed a little more as we practice and practice on that guitar or paint and paint all night long, we are capable of so much that we just need to push a little more. It’s a track that gave me exactly what I needed to hear as you may have noticed the site was on a pause due to issues going on beyond my control, but this song exemplifies what went through in my head and my heart. I pushed a little more just like he has and just as you will. Enjoy!

“I would say that this entire experience has cemented my faith in music. The healing power of it, and the need for me to do this my entire life. There is nothing else I want, or would be able to do now.”

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