“There’s nothing more” by Kianja

UK based indie singer/songwriter Kianja comes to Wolf in a Suit for the first time with the gem that is “There’s nothing more”. With this exquisite and haunting musical creation, she opens up her heart and soul and delivers a story that is so real and so touching. She caresses the soul with a finely tuned blend of verses and melodies that come from real experiences that are sure to provide us with a bittersweet story that is sure to feel so human and so raw. The track flows with certain tenderness through the airwaves managing to paint a picture that feels sadly familiar and human. She has crafted a must listen gem for the modern masses that is sure to become an everlasting and appreciated musical creation. Enjoy!

“It’s about longing for love that you can’t fix,” she explains, “It’s gone, but you constantly wish you could repair it”

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