“…I get angry and I try to call it off

But you don’t play along you keep it fair

You keep saying you just want good karma

But she’s a bitch like me who doesn’t care…”

“Wish you’d make me cry” by UPSAHL

Mesmerizing and uber-talented indie singer/songwriter UPSAHL comes to us once more with the gem that is “Wish you’d make me cry”. With this exquisite and honest soundscape, she speaks of a love that feels too good to be true that you simply want something bad about it to make it feel more mundane and “real”. There’s something about the verses and the story that takes shape and form that feels so real and so palpable that you are sure to feel a connection with it. The track will grab you by surprise at first but as the verses tell more and more of that someone, you’ll understand the title and in a way even wish it to happen. Sometimes things can seem to be to perfect to be true but life can provide surprises and some can be beautiful, exciting and full of that much-needed goodness. Enjoy!

“‘Wish You’d Make Me Cry’ is about being with someone who is so good to you that it almost seems fake. When I wrote this song with Pete Nappi, I was caught up in that feeling, so I started just venting to him about it. At one point, I think I said something along the lines of ‘I just wish that he would make me cry’. We wrote the song within an hour after that.”

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