“…Let go so many people my circle look like a peephole

Thinking that they believe, but like fish nets most of you see through

Wore my heart on my sleeve, but I had to change up my fashion

I noticed they only rooting as long as you don’t surpass them…”

“Keeper” by Alex O’aiza ft. Nojo Wallace

Texas-based indie singer/songwriter Alex O’aiza joins forces with up and coming rapper Nojo Wallace to deliver the soundscape of “Keeper”. With this electric and haunting soundscape, the talented pair speak of life and the betrayals that at times can happen. The verses provide our imaginations a chance to embrace something and really feel happen to us as they take shape and form. We are pulled into a realm that is so raw and so human while being captivated by two unique singing routes that come together and deliver greatness. The song is without a doubt an amazing addition to the ever-growing repertoire of both of these truly talented artists. Enjoy!

“Keeper is about betrayal, and serves as a stepping stone in my personal and artistic growth.”

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