“Tell your son he should always be polite

To don’t mistake her love as an invite

Prepare him for drunken night out

Teach your son how to treat a girl right…”

“Daddy Issues” by LOVA

Rising Swedish indie singer/songwriter LOVA comes to us with a reflective and insightful blend of lyrics and melodies with “Daddy Issues”. With this beautiful and honest soundscape she extends an invitation to all the fathers and mothers of the world to motivate their kids to be better than the previous generations and to understand the value of one another. This is mainly targeted to the raising of boys as there are ideas that are toxic and hateful that are sadly being taught to them from a young age making them grow to be adults that sadly are nothing to be proud of. She understands that time is needed and work must be done, but it is possible, for one thing that really differentiates us from every other creature is our capacity to learn. We are not made to keep ideas forever as we can evolve and improve over time while pushing for society to be better and culture to implement new things into the mix. She uses the magic and beauty of music to teach a lesson in a way that is inviting, honest and not full of hate but actual understanding. So listening carefully for there is something here to be heard. Enjoy!

“With ‘Daddy Issues,’ I’m trying to start a dialogue with the dads in the world—especially dads with sons,” LOVA explains. “I want to remind them how important it is to set a good example for their children: to teach them how to treat, not just girls, but people in general. I’m hoping that this song can inspire dads to be more open with their sons and teach them the strength in being vulnerable, respectful, and kind.”

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