“…Oh, it’s not so bad
Just look on the bright side
It’s the right time to come through
I’m learning to fall
In love with the twilight
Spend a lifetime trying to prove…”

“Bright Side of the moon” by Christian French

Indie pop singer/songwriter Christian French comes to us with the playful and inviting gem that is “Bright side of the moon”. With this exquisite and honest blend of lyrics, melodies and subtle in your face vibes he arrives to our lives and gives it something intoxicating and exciting. The soundscape flows through the airwaves surrounding you in such a fun and freeing manner that you can’t help but want and need more and more of it. He reminds us of all the good things that life has waiting for us and to not always search for the dark and the bad but maybe smile and see all that the good that you have. Plus with the assistance of the visuals he makes the experience complete and our senses are given a fine dose of magic, honest and beautiful positivism. Enjoy!

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