“…Oooooh love it how feels when our bodies in motion

But were never talking about our emotions

Fall asleep in the silence and leave it unspoken

Yeah yeah yeah yeah…”

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“Say It” by Phantoms ft. Anna Clendening

Phantoms join forces with the uber-talented Anna Clendening to serve us an electric and mesmerizing soundscape with “Say It”. With this exquisite music creation, they set the mood with the arrangement allowing Anna to come forth and tell the story that lyrics hide within. There’s no denying that you will find a reflection of life and youth waiting for you in this joyous blend of melodies and lyrics that is sure to catch you and pull you instantly. The song is a perfect addition to what the electro-pop genre is currently delivering as it flows nicely through the airwaves playing with our senses and our imagination. So enter this world and get ready for your body is sure to be free and enjoy the magic that awaits in this musical gem.

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