“Rosie” by Gardens & Villa

After years of no new music, the amazingly talented guys from Gardens & Villa are back and they do so with the haunting gem that is “Rosie”. With this exquisite blend of surreal visuals and soothing and mesmerizing lyrics and vocals, they remind the world of the beauty and magic of their music. The guys take us for a dreamlike adventure that leaves itself open to interpretation as the heart can be free and guide your imagination to see and hear the story that feels truer. They caress the soul in a way that only they can allowing the track to become a perfect addition to their repertoire and a must for any music lover. So come with me and let us dive into the unknown world that awaits within this track and as we do so, let’s enjoy this one of a kind adventure.

Fun Fact: ‘Dunes’(2014) was one the album that really got me into Vinyl Records and you could say kicked off my current collection.

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