“…Espérame, va’ muy veloz
Parece tonto que lo diga, pero no
Entiéndeme, muy loco estoy
No necesito quejas, sino contención
¿Y cómo hago con mi mente pa’ decirle que lo’ momento’ que tuvimo’ se quedan en la nada?
¿Cómo hago pa’ mentirme diciendo que no quiero verte aunque extrañe tu cara?…”

“No Puedo” by Paulo Londra

Argentinean up and coming latin music supernova Paulo Londra comes to Wolf in a Suit for the first time with his latest music video for “No Puedo”. After a set of amazing collaborations that include Ed Sheeran and Becky G, the talented artist pulls us into his world to be charmed by his body of work. He is one of those rare specimens within the Reggaeton genre that does not need sex or to be explicit as his lyrics sound strange yet are very welcomed for he speaks from the heart and shares stories of friendship, love, heartbreak and so much more. He could be labeled as a reggaeton artist for the new generations for he understands the value of opinion, voice and that gender is not an excuse to be authoritative or destructive of others. This amazing song comes from a place of pain and understanding that will hit home whether you speak Spanish or not as he accepts the sad and painful reality of heartbreak and finding yourself between forgetting and not letting go. The track is a wonderful part of a debut album bound to be legendary not only in the Latin Music scene but also in the global. So dive into his world and enjoy the adventures that are sure to come from each of his soundscapes.

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