Artist: Zeke Finn

Song: What You Need

Why? Talented indie singer/songwriter Zeke Finn shines through the music scene with a fine dose of something charming and unique with “What you need”. The track is seductive in its own manner and allows itself to capture the imagination of the listener as the soundscape takes shape and form. Plus, the verses tell a story that we can dive into and feel not as outsiders looking in but as ours. There’s truly something amazing about this song and I am sure it will become a fan favorite. Enjoy!

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Artist: Avi Snow and IRO

Song: Magic

Why? Avi Snow and IRO join forces to craft a beautiful and mesmerizing soundscape with the must listen gem that is “Magic”. With this sweet and refreshingly captivating musical creation, the talented pair delivers a fine dose of romanticism and discovery of this unknown joy. We are pulled into this realm with natural ease and once inside we are allowed to be honest with what our hearts desire as the verses paint a picture that feels so real and so ours. There’s something about this song that makes it without a doubt a must for any music lover.

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Artist: BELFA x Gina Brooklyn

Song: Run Away

Why? Swiss/Italian producer BELFA joins forces with American singer/songwriter Gina Brooklyn to craft a haunting and unique musical creation with “Run Away”. With this exquisite soundscape, they deliver luscious and charming melodies that give her voice the perfect setting to blow our minds. We are served with the perfect dose of escapism that our hearts and souls needed and wanted all along. They have truly hit the nail right in the end creating a song that is sure to become a fan favorite.

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Artist: Dylan Rockoff ft. Caroline Kole

Song: You’re the one that I want

Why? Talented indie singer/songwriters Dylan Rockoff and Caroline Kole come to us with a romantic and haunting cover of the ‘Grease’ classic, “You’re the one that I want”. Together they manage to perfectly allow their voices to not only complement with each other but bring the love story that dwells within the lyrics to come from the setting of the movie to something more contemporary. Their take shines through the airwaves with surreal ease capturing our imaginations and emotions just like the classic did.

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Artist: Tim Riehm

Song: Expectations

Why? Up and coming indie singer/songwriter Tim Riehm comes to us with a modern tale of love, heartbreak and not knowing what the future holds with the gem that is “Expectations”. With this exquisite and honest blend of melodies and lyrics, he embraces a wide variety of human emotions to tell us a story that feels so real and so easy to connect with. Plus his old school approach with the voice and the guitar make for a perfect set up for the song to soar through the airwaves and deliver a one of a kind musical experience that is sure to pull you in an instant. There’s no denying that this song is exactly what the doctor recommended.

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Artist: LIEZA

Song: Need Love

Why? Texas native indie singer/songwriter LIEZA opens up her heart and soul to provide us with the bittersweet beauty that is “Need Love”. With this perfectly haunting and human soundscape, she not only captures our attention but manages to pull us into a world that feels so true and so personal to not only her but to us as well. The song reminds us that we all searching for love in someone else yet part of us knows that the only place we can truly find that love we seek is within us. We understand the pain and sadness that flows through our veins as we search and search and once found we can smile and take a look at the mirror once more. The track is pure poetry and so amazing from beginning to end.

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Artist: Sleeping Lion ft. Cass Miller

Song: How we know (Stripped)

Why? Indie pop duo Sleeping Lion join forces with indie singer/songwriter Cass Miller to tell us a story of the magic of youthful love with “How we know”. The soundscape they crafted is intoxicating and so real as it builds from the falling in love to finally accepting that sadly it’s all over and the love shared is now a wonderful memory. It understands that at times we do not fully grasp what we have but through our faulty making find out once it’s over. There’s something so hypnotizing about the way the vocals come together and become one showcasing both sides of one story in a way that is quite captivating and inviting.

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Artist: Rebecca Lou

Song: No Surrender

Why? Danish indie rock band Rebecca Lou come to us with the beautifully inspiring and empowering gem that is “No Surrender”. With this electric blend of melodies and lyrics, the talented trio delivers a soundscape that is sure to catch you and pull you into the world that resides within it. The verses flow with exquisite ease as we are reminded of all the greatness that dwells within us as we let the confidence and self-love that we thought missing surge through once more. There’s no denying that the song is one of the best gems out there in the music scene as it gives us catchy hooks, honest lyricism and electric yet fun melodies that allow it all to not just shine but be memorable.

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Artist: MIYNT

Song: Vacation with Bond in South of France Part 2

Why? Swedish indie singer/songwriter MIYNT takes our senses and feeds it something classic and haunting with “Vacation with Bond in South France Part 2”. The soundscape is rich and sensual as it lets our imagination takes us to a realm that feels as if it was taken out of a James Bond film. There’s something so mesmerizing and captivating about the way the melodies and voice complement each in a manner that can be easily qualified as closed to perfect as possible. So dive into the unknown and luscious soundscape that is served here and become a fan as I have of the power of MIYNT’s voice.

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Artist: Ld Donovan

Song: Say Ooh La La

Why? Swedish indie artist Leo Drouugee aka Ld Donovan sets emotions in motion and gives us the gem that is “Say Ooh La La”. There’s something so rich and sensual about the melodies and vocals as they come together to give life to the soundscape, The track speaks of the unknown mystery and magic that wakes up when we are falling in love. There’s something nostalgic and exciting about the melodies as they become the perfect home for the vocals allowing it to stand out as best possible. So pay attention carefully as the story unfolds and gives your senses and your imagination a fine dose of musical Ambrosia.

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Artist: Swells

Song: Ramen

Why? Austin based duo Swells come to us with the mesmerizing and refreshing gem that is “Ramen”. With this exquisite blend of lyrics and melodies, the talented pair tell a story about ramen while exploring the beauty in the small moments in relationships. There’s something so real, so touching and so human about the song that it makes it so easy to connect with allowing for the song to feel personal to us as well. We fall prey to a hauntingly soothing touch that suddenly appears the moment you press play to listen to this musical creation. So open your eyes and eat some ramen as your senses are invited to play and smile as the song takes shape and form.

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Artist: UNBLOOM x Disco Shrine

Song: Alright

Why? Playful and refreshingly inviting melodies surge with ease from the gem that is “Alright” crafted by the collaboration of UNBLOOM and Disco Shrine. The soundscape that takes shape and form as the song begins is one that pulls you in an instant and allows you to smile and enjoy the experience. The track manages to balance out all the ingredients in a way that we can’t help but want to listen to it over and over again as our bodies get that tingling feeling that begs for it to dance and have a blast. So you jump into the unknown that resides in this soundscape and get a better look at the passion and talent of these artists.

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Artist: The Curious Incident

Song: Eating Sunshine

Why? UK based indie outfit The Curious Incident comes to us with the upbeat and inspiring gem that is “Eating Sunshine”. With this playfully inviting and refreshing soundscape he reminds us that life is full of beautiful things and sometimes we just need some support, a reminder and some love to see it clear once more. There’s something about this song that just puts a smile on your face and makes you want to tap your feet to the rhythm and the beats that make it up. You enter the world he has crafted and immediately realize that it is the place you want to be in and so with that discovery, you’ll press play over and over again.

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Artist: Sleeptalk

Song: dontbesoblue

Why? California based indie pop/rock band Sleeptalk deliver the amazing gem that is “dontbesoblue” from their debut EP, ‘Desert Daze’. With this blend of melodies and lyrics, they tell us a story of heartbreak and sadness that is also filled with understanding and acceptance of where life has changed to. It understands that while fantasies and fairytales are beautiful to hear and dream of, life is really not like that and that’s the same for love. There’s no judgment or mockery but simply words that come from the heart and understand that something new needed to be happy once.

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Artist: The Painted Roses

Song: Vice

Why? Old school meets new school with a unique and passionate soundscape within the gem that is “Vice” by the US-based band The Painted Roses. With this track, the guys explore the ins and outs of love as they understand that it’s not always full of sunshine and butterflies for sometimes there are things that are just not good for us. They embrace the wide range of things that can be part of this feeling and allow us to feel understood for it is the same for us all. There’s a sweet dose of old school magic within the way the guitar goes from note to note allowing the lyrics to come out winners and really connect with the listeners.

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Artist: Anna Vogelzang

Song: Icarus

Why? Indie singer/songwriter Anna Vogelzang comes to us with the beautiful and inspiring soundscape of “Icarus”. With this refreshing yet classic blend of melodies and lyrics, she speaks to us of things that feel so real and so familiar reminding us of all the beauty that can be found in the world. We are motivated to take steps forward into the unknown as we are able to better see who we are able and see our worth and our magic clearly. There’s something about this track that is so inspiring and beautiful that you are sure to find yourself looking at the mirror in the end and smile at who that wonderful creature looking back at you is. So enter her world and enjoy this amazing adventure.

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Artist: Corey Harper

Song: Best of Me

Why? Uber talented indie singer/songwriter Corey Harper has created one of the most beautiful yet bittersweet gems with his track, “Best of Me”. With it, he accepts the reality of the aftermath of love and breaking up as you realize that sadly that ending was not what you wanted for now you see that you put all of you into it. You understand that it is too late to go back as things have been sad and actions have already gotten reactions and all you’ve got is nothing that you gave was not the best of you. It’s poetic, dramatic, sad and so full of reality that you can’t help but see a reflection of who you are or who you once were.

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Artist: LCAW

Song: Thunder

Why? Germany based indie artist LCAW celebrates life and diversity with the beauty that is “Thunder”. With this enticing and inviting blend of melodies and lyrics he has crafted something special, refreshing and exactly what the doctor recommended. The song flows with ease through the airwaves and catches you off guard by pulling you into a dance floor where we can all come together and enjoy the magic of life. There’s something here that is sure to hypnotize and captivate listeners for the song is meant for the world to hear and embrace as the message within it spreads.

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Artist: Marsicans

Song: Little Things

Why? UK based indie pop-rock band Marsicans come to Wolf in a Suit once more and they do so with a fine dose of good vibes and great music with “Little Things”. With this passionate and mesmerizing soundscape, the guys remind us of all the beautiful things that life has to offer. They open up our eyes so that we can see all the little things that make up this great big world and do their best to inspire us on a daily basis. You are sure to smile, have the time of your life and more than likely sing along with the verses that make up this amazing musical creation. So fall down this rabbit hole and let Marsicans guide you through all the great things the world has to offer.

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Artist: Dance Yourself Clean ft. The Fame Riot

Song: Waste my Time

Why? Dance Yourself Clean joins forces with The Fame Riot to give the world a perfect serving of something electric and refreshing with “Waste my time”. We are bound to be hooked by this track instantly for there’s something about it that invites you into a world so real, so playful and so full of life and passion. Your body will want more than simply stand still as this song invades the airwaves that surround you for you will crave a dance floor to be free on. So let the sounds and verses capture your attention and tell you a story so real, so honest and so easy to connect with while having the time of your life. Let go of all you know and just jump into their world and let your body and imagination run free.

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Artist: Ariane

Song: American Movie

Why? Paris-born indie singer/songwriter Ariane comes to us with intoxicating and nostalgic musical creation that is “American Movie”. With this exciting and passionate union of lyrics and melodies, she delivers something so special and so powerful that you can’t help but want to invite others to listen. She comes to us as a breath of fresh air that adds a new and necessary layer to the music scene that is sure to make her a fan favorite in the years to come. The track is without a doubt a must listen addition to any and all playlists for it gives pop a new flavor that really feels human and inviting. There’s something unique and mesmerizing about this song and personally I am a fan of this talented artist.

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Artist: Lindsey Stirling

Song: Artemis

Why? The uber-talented Lindsey Stirling comes to us with the mesmerizing and haunting melodic and visual gem that is “Artemis”. With this exciting and refreshing soundscape, she explores the beauty and the mythology behind the goddess. She blends classic melodies with contemporary arrangements in such a way that it has the capacity to capture music lovers from various walks of life. There’s something about this song that is so special, so captivating and simply so inspiring as it takes shape and form from beginning to end. We gladly jump into the unknown that resides within this blend of sounds that is sure to feed your senses and your soul.

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Artist: Ellen Krauss

Song: Criminal to love

Why? Swedish indie singer/songwriter Ellen Krauss comes to us with a refreshing and powerful soundscape in the gem that is “Criminal to love”. With this exquisite and open-hearted blend of melodies and lyrics, she invites us into the reality that is part of love at times. The song explores the painful reality of falling in love with someone who does not give as much as you and finally realizing this truth. It’s a well written and soothing yet bittersweet soundscape that grabs you out of nowhere with verses that feel familiar and so close to home. There’s something about the way her voice flows through the airwaves that simply pulls you turning you into an instant fan of a talent that is bound to shine brighter and brighter every day.

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Artist: Little Destroyer

Song: Head above water

Why? Canadian indie band Little Destroyer comes to us with the sonic and visual adventure that is “Head above water”. They have crafted a powerful and passionate soundscape that is sure to play with your imagination and fill your senses with something to look for. You are sure to instantly be filled by the fire that surges from the union of melodies and lyrics that make up this one of a kind must listen gem. The track is a must in my book as it has all the right ingredients to connect with all of us and be an instant classic. So listen closely and jump into the rabbit hole that awaits once you press play for this mesmerizing adventure.

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Artist: Freedom Fry

Song: David Bowie

Why? As always my favorite indie duo does not disappoint and Freedom Fry checkmarks all the boxes with their gem, “David Bowie”. With this playfully inviting soundscape, they deliver a sweet blend of classic and contemporary melodies that are sure to get your senses excited. The track is captivating from the very first second and there’s something about it that hypnotizes you and transports to a realm of their creation. Plus, there’s something about it that reminds you of the sounds and style of the late great whose name they borrowed for the title of this gem. So let go of all you know and jump into the unknown that they created for us all.

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Artist: Sarah Brown

Song: Fool for love

Why? UK based indie singer/songwriter Sarah Brown opens up her heart and soul to let us take a peek inside and be charmed by the sounds of “Fool for love”. With this painfully bittersweet soundscape, she delivers sounds that are so human, so real and so raw that your heart is bound to shed a tear or two as the story within unfolds. Your senses and emotions get a much-needed dose of love and heartbreak that is part of the human experience. The track is exquisite and her voice is powerful and mesmerizing making this song an instant classic bound to creep into many if not all playlists around.

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Artist: Adam Melchor

Song: Joyride

Why? New Jersey native Adam Melchor takes us on a sweet adventure with the musical gem that is “Joyride”. With this soundscape, our imagination gets served a perfect blend of melodies and verses that are sure to paint a picture that will get us excited. Our hearts will skip a beat or two as the song unfolds beautifully into the airwaves that surround us giving us a much-needed dose of humanity and realism. Adam not only has the voice and the talent to carry a tune and deliver an instant classic but he also has that strange gift for storytelling that is amazing to hear, see and find in the world. Let him pull you into his world and allow this musical masterpiece feed your heart and soul with youthful lyrics that speak of a time already long gone.

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Artist: Alex Rv Phillips

Song: Passing Through

Why? UK based indie singer/songwriter Alex Rv Phillips opens up his heart and soul to give us a sweet dose of his talent with “Passing Through”. With this painfully raw and captivating soundscape he takes our senses and gives them something intoxicating yet strangely soothing and mesmerizing. The track flows with such ease through the airwaves and the story that lies hidden within the verses and sounds takes shape and form right in front of us allowing our imagination to play for the 4 minutes and 22 seconds of this track. He understands that life as love is fleeting and could begin and end in the blink of an eye and you’ll be left with the feeling of what once was reminding you of fragile you truly are. So let your body and senses become one with this soundscape and understand that there’s beauty in a second.

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Artist: Nlve

Song: Liberated (Taigo Remix)

Why? Japanese artist Taigo comes to us with an electric and ethereal remix of the gem that is “Liberated” by Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Nlve. With his unique and well-placed touches he gives the song a perfect balance between energy-filled and soothing making the experience one of a kind. The soundscape flows with such naturality and passion from note to note providing the listeners with something to be excited about. The track stays true to the human and introspective nature of the original while adding something a bit more dynamic and raw. You are sure to hear it over and over again as you fall more and more for it.

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Artist: Twin Ritual

Song: Strangers

Why? Los Angeles based indie rockers Twin Ritual come to Wolf in a Suit once more with the electric gem that is “Strangers”. With this passionate and refreshing blend of lyrics and melodies, the uber-talented band delivers on the promise of great music with the quality of being everlasting. You are served with something so intoxicating, passionate and simply perfect for your senses and your heart to be captivated with. The track enters your ears becoming an instant classic that you’ll invitable want to share over and over again to all who love music. So grab my hand and let us jump into the unknown of the world they have created and enjoy the adventure we have gotten ourselves into.

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Artist: Tia Gostelow

Song: Get to it

Why? Uber-talented Australian indie singer/songwriter Tia Gostelow has crafted a one of a kind soundscape with her track “Get to it”. With this inviting and soothing yet passionate soundscape, she motivates us all to push forward and try new thing and make things go from dreams and wants to reality. She understands that at times the barriers we see are created by us and only we can bring them down in order to reach that goal that we thought was unattainable. There’s something so mesmerizing about this soundscape that serves our senses a much-needed dose of something new and full of life and inspiration. We can easily grasp the message behind the verses and feel at homes as the song unfolds beautifully in front of us.

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Artist: Janee ft. Lunis

Song: Out of town

Why? Janee joins forces with Lunis to deliver one of the best track of the year with “Out of town”. With this exquisite blend of melodies, lyrics, and vocals they give our senses something exciting, refreshing and beautifully mesmerizing. The track flows with such ease through the airwaves giving listeners something magical and unique within the pop genre. You are bound to press play over and over again as your heart and soul will beg you to not let it end. So enter the reality that they have crafted together and have one of the most amazing experiences you could possibly have with music.

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Artist: Jenny JAM

Song: Morning Bottle

Why? London born/Los Angeles based indie singer/songwriter Jenny JAM comes to Wolf in a Suit with the inspiring creation that is “Morning Bottle”. With this powerful and in your face musical creation she speaks out and reminds us that the main ingredient needed for our happiness is us. She provides us with inspiring verses that blend hope, want and the harsh reality that life serves us at times. There’s something about the song that is sure to make you feel connected and at home for the fire that burns within this story is one that we are sure to need. So dive into the sweet beauty of this soundscape and embrace the magic of her soundscape.

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Artist: Nosoyo

Song: Glitter

Why? Berlin-based duo Nosoyo invites us all to celebrate life and our uniqueness with the melodic masterpiece that is “Glitter”. They have crafted something so inspiring and so empowering that tells you to be one with your truth and speak up for your voice is powerful and beautiful. There’s a dose of magic that runs wild through these sounds and verses that makes this song so hypnotizing and intoxicating. This pair of friends have crafted a track with all the right ingredients to become a modern-day anthem for the masses and an instant classic. The song inspires all who listen to embrace the beauty and power that is part of who they always were.

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Artist: Aaron Taos

Song: Higher

Why? If there’s a guy with talent to spare in the indie scene, that’s Aaron Taos and his musical creation “Higher” is the perfect proof of this. He crafts melodies and lyrics that feel so welcoming, so warm and so perfectly human allowing us to feel at ease and at home within it. There’s something about this soundscape that just pulls you softly and invites you to sing along as the guitar set itself to create the melodious flow to turn your day around to something great. His voice has something about this that is intoxicating, mesmerizing and uniquely friendly to our senses. So come with me and dive into his world as we float higher and higher guided his voice and his guitar.

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