“Life without fantasies” by Neon Dreams

Indie pop ensemble Neon Dreams continue to deliver pop melodies that add a special extra to the genre, this time around with “Life without fantasies”. There’s something so honest and so humanly palpable and attainable about the song that it makes you feel hopeful and delighted by all the good that makes up your life. It reminds you of the things that you have at arms reach and brings a smile to your face as life is shown in all its colorful splendor. So dive into the soundscape they have crafted and allow the lyrics to take shape and form and pull you into a world meant for you, for me, for them and for everyone. Enjoy!

“These are the fantasies of a very uncool, unpopular kid. They were sparked from years of being picked on and desperately wanting to fit in. When I realized the effect that suppressed memories had on me, I started confronting everything I went through until I realized what I really want.

When you don’t fit in it’s like your forced to see the world differently. I realized fantasies about money, girls and luxury are fun to think about but in reality those things don’t make you happy. All I want is some happiness and a little bit of pain to know what’s real.”

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