“…Let’s pretend this isn’t over, over
Leave the door a little open, won’t ya
You can say I was the bad guy, bad guy
Baby it takes one to know one, know one…”

“Everything it wasn’t” by Skyler Stonestreet

Up and coming singer/songwriter Skyler Stonestreet opens up her heart and soul to deliver a tale of heartbreak with “Everything it wasn’t”. With this bittersweet yet refreshingly honest soundscape, she shares the blame and understands that falling in love is a thing of two people. She lets her lyrics flow with naturality through the melodies giving shape and form to a story that we can instantly connect with. There’s something so beautiful, poetic and sad about the verses that you can’t help but be taken over by a barrage of feelings and emotions. We can grasp the purpose of the track as it adds a special layer to the pop genre. Enjoy!

“He became something he wasn’t and I became something I wasn’t. But there were good times, and I wanted to hold onto the good moments.”

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