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“Hurt me now” by Quinn Lewis

Australian indie singer/songwriter Quinn Lewis shines through the speakers and the screen with his latest gem, “Hurt me now”. With this bittersweet yet honest soundscape, he opens up his heart and soul and lets us take a peek inside the ups and downs of love. The track is inviting and refreshingly real pulling the listener into a story that could easily feel personal. There’s no denying that Quinn continues to amaze and surprise us with brilliant and well-crafted melodies made to be everlasting. He does not shy away from the painful experiences but instead finds inspiration in them as well to connect with the beauty and magic of the human experience. Enjoy!

“When I wrote ‘Hurt Me Now,’ it was very much about one specific person. Now that I’ve had time to look at the song with a little more perspective, I’ve realized it’s not just about that one person, but actually, a thread that runs through all of my relationships. If I have a feeling that I’m going to get hurt it a relationship, I’d rather get it done with than end up further down the road and getting hurt ten times more.”

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