“Tearing down the borders

Like our fathers taught us

Do whatever they say can’t be done

Running when they’re walking

Flying when they’re falling

We’ll be rising high like helium”

“Up” by Sena Kana ft. Wiz Khalifa & Sheppard

Up and coming new singer/songwriter Sena Kana joins forces with Wiz Khalifa and Sheppard to deliver the inspiring and playful gem that is “Up”. With this electrifying and positive soundscape, they quiet the haters and focus on their dreams as the path takes shape and form in front of them. The track is amazing and has all the right ingredients to become of the best songs of the years and with the great combination of artists, it unites I am sure it will be a fan favorite. The song is one of those catchy ones that you can’t help but want to hear over and over again and share with any and all music lovers around the globe. So listen closely and allow the verses to tell you something that is sure to inspire as you do your best to take your dreams from fantasies to realities. Enjoy!

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