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“Come on Snake, let’s rattle” by Evan Konrad

Canadian indie singer/songwriter Evan Konrad takes us through a rebellious adventure in his must listen gem, “Come on snake, let’s rattle”. With this exquisite blend of melodies and lyrics he allows his voice to shine through and tell a story that we can instantly relate with. The soundscape is passionate and utterly refreshing and along with the visuals delivers a one of a kind experience that you are sure to never forget. Allow his musical creation to intoxicate you and grab you by the hand as you find yourself wanting more and more of it. Enjoy!

“‘Come On Snake, Let’s Rattle’ is an ego battle, at its core. A portrayal of a person too far gone to come back. The lyrics act as his personal introduction to you, a tour of his world, and together you explore this place for his debauchery. When I was writing the song, I would see this person in a beautiful cocktail lounge, full of elegant and fashionable people whom he could mold and control as he wished, obeying his word, almost as if they were an extension of himself. On the surface he is a walking statement of obsessive self-consumption, but as the song moves into its finale, he begins to show a deeper sadness to his character, a vulnerability. I want you to feel a warmth coming through his exterior, like a genuine smile before he ultimately turns on you too.”

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