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“Back to myself” by Hero The Band

Electric and talented indie rock band, Hero The Band, comes to us once more with their latest gem, “Back to myself”. With this refreshing and inviting soundscape, the band takes us on an adventure through melodies and verses that revitalize and motivate us. There’s something about this song that feels so refreshing and anthemic making it a must share work of art that you simply want the world to listen with you. The quarter of brothers show the world that talent, passion and good vibes run through this family. So listen carefully, sing-along and jump down the rabbit hole of this one of a kind must listen gem.

“It’s about arising out of a place of feeling down and suffocated or having negative thoughts in your head. You’re constantly battling yourself. So, once you move past those feelings, you come back to who you’re meant to be. It’s an anthem for anybody who feels lost, insecure, or like an outcast. Know you can overcome whatever you’re facing.”

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