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“Where you gonna sleep tonight” by Dan Moxon

Canadian indie singer/songwriter Dan Moxon comes to Wolf in a Suit with the bittersweet gem that is “Where you gonna sleep tonight”. With this incredible and melodically haunting and intoxicating soundscape, Dan tells a story that feels so human and so real allowing us to instantly connect with it as it takes shape and form. Plus with the assistance of the incredible visuals, a new emotion-filled layer is added ensuring we are charmed by his creation. Honestly, the song is so intense, so raw and so beautifully poetic yet so sad that as you listen to it your imagination is sure to go wild transporting you to the story he has crafted. The song has all the right ingredients to be considered an instant classic and personally, I would share it in an instant to anyone looking for an amazing and unique experience. So listen, see and enjoy the incredible adventure that awaits within this soundscape.

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