“…Lately  I’ve been terrified of a place I don’t know
But that’s no reason to keep me finding out wherever it goes
I’ve seen the good side of a bad situation come out fine
I’ve seen the dynamite reveal the best parts of my life…”

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“Light shine in” by Wilder Woods

Indie singer/songwriter Wilder Woods comes to us once more with another exquisite showcase of music and emotions in the gem that is “Light shine in”. He shows the world that he is one touch by the gods of music as he caresses perfection with each and every soundscape delivered. The track is so mesmerizing and powerful and embraces something bigger than ourselves in a way that is unique and intoxicating. His voice dances around through each note in a way that makes the story stand out and pull us in. We are hooked by the honest feel of the lyrics and the classic yet contemporary touch of the instruments make this gem an instant classic that has already become a personal favorite. Enjoy!

“’‘Light Shine In’ is the first song on this record…and it acts as a sort of manifesto for what Wilder Woods is all about. Recording the track was easily the most spontaneous experience I’ve ever had in the studio. It’s in your face, which was important to convey in the video, and will likely be the first song in the Wilder Woods live set this fall as well.”

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