“…The best and worst addiction You’re the drug I keep on missing

Get me high and then I’ll always take the blame

My adrenaline is rising 4, 3, 2, 1…”

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“Bang” by TAELA

Indie singer/songwriter TAELA comes to Wolf in a Suit with the electric and in your face gem that is “Bang”. With this anthemic and refreshingly powerful track, she has crafted a soundscape that pulls you in and wakes you up. It invites you to open your eyes at what is going in your life and to understand that all the toxic things that are part of your life are not mandatory. Her voice rises through the airwaves allowing us to be hypnotized by her beauty, her charm, and the passion that she puts into every single verse as the story takes shape and form creating something we can relate to. There’s no denying that TAELA has the talent and the voice to leave a mark and with this song, we can all be certain that her star is bound to shine brighter and brighter. So come with and dive into her world and enjoy the honest and real ride that is bound to come.

“My single “Bang,” is about recognizing the toxic things in your life (relationships, friendships, addiction, etc.) and finally deciding to run from them and never look back. I think we’ve all been in a situation where we know something is bad for us but keep going back to it because it’s familiar or just feels good temporarily. My hope for this song is to encourage people to let themselves be free from that and hit the ground running! Hope you’ll check it out!”

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