“You say you don’t want my name 

Well hell, I don’t need your fame 

I’m happy to use my pain 

It’s medicine for my brain.”

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“Medicine for my brain” by Sam Johnson

UK based indie singer/songwriter Sam Johnson opens up his heart and soul to deliver the sweet gem that is “Medicine for my brain”. With this blend of lyrics and melodies, the talented artist speaks his truth in regards to the music industry and life letting us take a peek inside his brain. The track flows with such natural feel and lets us all connect with it instantly as he tells a story that comes from deep inside. It all takes shape and form creating something that immediately hooks our imagination gives us a dose of something intoxicating and much needed. So listen closely and embrace the reality that lies within this song. Enjoy!

“I wanted to write a chorus which is basically saying I don’t give a damn about the industry – which is ironic because that’s the very song that got me signed.”

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