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“In between plans” by Your Smith

Indie singer/songwriter Your Smith comes to Wolf in a Suit for the first time with the refreshing and freeing gem that is “In between plans”. With this playful and charming soundscape, she embraces the beauty and magic that can be found in life. The track flows with soothing and welcomed ease as the lyrics and melodies come together to give life to a realm that is sure to feel like home for all who listen. She lets her voice become one with the verses as the song gives us a certain sense of peace and calm that at times is much needed. The track understands that every once in awhile it’s good to not have a goal or a plan waiting and simply breath the air that life brings. Enjoy!

“In Between Plans is the soundtrack I wrote to the best day of my life. When the sheer abandon of who I was intersected with the acceptance of the unknown journey ahead of me. It took one trip to Nicaragua, two new best friends, and one hit of acid for me to see that life is indeed a journey. This song is about that day.”

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