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“You” by Smoke Season

Indie pop duo Smoke Season continues to deliver musical gems that are bound to haunt your dreams, the latest being the bittersweet tale of “You”. With this honest and refreshingly real soundscape, the talented pair embrace the painful nature of heartbreak and in a way that is poetic and captivating. We are hooked by the power of the lyrics and melodies as the feelings and emotions that transpire in this story step away from the limits of the screen and the headphones. They have crafted something so powerful, so human and so uniquely beautiful that you are sure to fall prey for the talent and passion that Gabby and  Jason bring to the music scene. There’s something about them that makes me fall more and more in love with their music as I embrace each soundscape that is added into their evergrowing repertoire. So listen carefully, keep your eyes wide open and enjoy the amazing ride.

[su_quote cite=”Gabby Bianco”]’You’ is about relationship decay. It was inspired by the moment at the end of a love where you have completely lost sight of the person you fell for and have replaced them with pain and heartbreak. It’s about letting go of someone who has already let go of you (‘If you’re holding the doorknob tighter than me, I’m already without you.’). We wanted it to be so raw you could almost taste the heartbreak.[/su_quote]

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