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“Under” by Jordan Mackampa

Talented UK based indie singer/songwriter Jordan Mackampa captures our senses with the fantastic visual for the musical gem that is “Under”. This exquisite track has already hooked us into the magic and charm of Jordan’s lyricism and music, but with the addition of the visuals, we get the pleasure of seeing a new layer be added onto it. He hypnotizes us with his clever and careful control and lets it all come together to provide us with the unique joy and experience of an electric and passionate soundscape. There’s no denying that he has all the necessary ingredients in his repertoire to ensure his name shines as bright as all the previous greats. So let yourself loose the control that is always present and simply let your body dance to the magic of his music and even try to sing along and have the time of your life. So listen, see and enjoy the amazing ride that Jordan has prepared for us.

“This video encompasses those occasions when you spot that person across a room, and you have a “spotlight no else but them” moment as they lead you down a road to all the good, bad and wonderful parts of falling in love with someone.”

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