“…Are you ready for the truth

That I’m meant to be with you?

Are you ready for the truth?

I only feel real when I lie next to you…”

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“All to Myself” by MILKK

Indie pop trio MILKK come to Wolf in a Suit once more with a perfect dose of romanticism with the gem that is “All to Myself”. With this charming and honest musical creation, the guys open up their hearts and souls and remind us of the magic and beauty that come when we fall in love. They embrace the unique touch that caresses our existence when our hearts find a reason to beat just a little faster than usual and butterflies start to fly around our stomach making us feel something unlike anything else. The soundscape captures not only all your senses but makes you feel a warmth that is simply so powerful and so refreshing. They have truly crafted the right track to fall in love and if you are already living in this feeling, it lets you smile and look to your side to that special person and simply let them know how much you love them. Enjoy!

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