“…My hands shaped like a puzzle you can fit in
I want to be the pieces that you’re missing
Oh I can see the picture that we’re both in
I could be the one to be the keys to your lock
I’ll give you all I got…”

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“Supply & Demand” by Wilder Woods

Smooth and intoxicating melodies and vocals surge through the airwaves with sensual and tender ease courtesy of Wilder Woods and the gem that is “Supply & Demand”. With this intoxicating soundscape, the uber-talented singer/songwriter takes us by the hand and transports to a world of his creation. His voice guides us in a playful manner through each note and verse allowing the magic of the track to captivate our senses. With the retro-inspired visuals, we are given the chance of not only connecting with the song but allowing our imagination to come out and have some fun as well. There’s something about the way in which Bear Rineheart aka Wilder Woods allows the lyrics to become one with the sounds that really tells a story that we can instantly connect with. Our hearts beat a little faster as the charming romanticism of the soundscape takes center stage and the full beauty of this track hypnotizes us. So listen, see and enjoy this one of a kind ride through a track that personally is an instant classic.

“’Supply & Demand’ is a cheeky way to tell someone you love that you want to give them what they need,” says Wilder Woods. “I wanted the music video to feel sexy and soulful, but not take myself too seriously while doing it.”

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