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“War on the street” by Ed Waaka

From New Zealand comes to uber-talented singer/songwriter Ed Waaka with his latest insightful and honest creation, “War on the Street”. With this track, he opens up his heart and soul and lets the world take a peek inside his personal life experiences ensuring a deeper connection with both the track and him as not only an artist but a person as well. There’s something so charming and so haunting about this soundscape that while bittersweet manages to paint a picture that is so vivid and so raw allowing us to be part of this moment in his life. Listen closely, open up your eyes and see beyond your four walls as there are issues affecting the world and maybe just maybe, we can touch our hearts and find it in ourselves to care and at least provide a willing ear. Enjoy!

“War On The Street was a musical response to how I felt about the current social issues facing New Zealand society,” Ed explains. “In particular, those faced by Māori communities which make up a majority of NZ’s worst statistics including poverty, incarceration, mental illness and suicide. Being a 34 year-old Māori male, it was a reflection from personal experience on how the loss of identity, humility and social disconnect can impact negatively on mental well-being and how, at times, we’re continually fighting to stay afloat.”

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