“…Lighting and thunder
Been going undercover as the voice of God (The voice of God)
Telling me it’s tragic I don’t believe in magic
‘Cause where’s this all come from? (Where’s this all come from?)…”

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“Heart Right” by Veaux

Nashville based indie-pop band Veaux comes to us with a playful and inviting soundscape with their single, “Heart Right”. With this refreshingly mature and well-crafted track, the guys provide us with a dose of escapism that is much needed. The track flows with ease through the airwaves and lands carefully in front of us unfolding something deeper and so real. The track is honest in its verses and way of singing, it does not aim to preach but simply provide a side of a story that is personal and very real to the guys. So listen closely and dive into the world that they have crafted. Enjoy!

“‘Heart Right’ is a song that we needed to write for many reasons. A few of the songs we put out in our first year of being in a band didn’t quite capture the three of us in the way we needed it to, although I think we learned a lot. With this song, and the songs to come, we’ve worked hard to keep the pop sensibilities and also be three guys in a room playing music. This track captures our wrestle with God and other mysteries of the universe. We grew up in church all of our lives and always felt like the black sheep in the flock. We had questions. We had thoughts. We had issues. ‘Heart Right’ talks about some of the struggles we have with our faith and saying goodbye to faith of our childhood and the days we felt so certain about everything.”

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