“…I’m undefeated 
While everyone will lay underground 
So undefeated 
I’ll be around when thing go down…”

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“Exile” by Pale Moon

Icelandic/Russian indie rock band Pale Moon comes to Wolf in a Suit with the mesmerizing musical creation that is “Exile”. With this refreshingly exquisite union of verses, melodies and vocals the talented ensemble craft a story that is surreal yet you easy to grasp and embrace as ours. There’s something so vibrant, playful and in its own unique way, down to earth providing listeners with the perfect dose of escapism and life lessons. Plus, with the added layer provided by the visually stunning scenes that take place in the music video the entirety of our senses can feel at home. So we dive into the unknown with open arms and eyes wide open as whatever lies inside this soundscape is impossible to run away from. Enjoy!

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