“…Your mind is a picture and it’s too hard to frame
With no  borders, no waters, it’s a colorful mosaic
It’s  painted with the rage, oh, it’s painted with heartache
It’s painted with the flowers, yes, it’s painted with the rain
It’s got the shadow from the sunshine, the rivers we once defined
It’s  got the lights of the city, our amusement park to ride…”

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“Your mind is a picture” by Sean Koch

South African indie singer/songwriter Sean Koch comes to Wolf in a Suit with a fine dose of something new with the gem that is “Your mind is a picture”. With this soothing and charming blend of melodies and lyrics, the uber-talented artist has crafted something inviting and unique that is sure to become a fan favorite. The soundscape captures your senses and your imagination in a way that is welcomed and so beautiful to find in the current music scene for it shines brightly like a newly discovered star. We can easily embrace the unknown nature of this song as it delivers the lyrics in a way that a story can be born and unfold beautifully in front of us. So listen, see and enjoy this amazing must listen gem!

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