“…Oh I know that you’ll be fine
But I see you’re going through it
If you want I’ll be your light
Till you find the one within you
Tell me now what’s on your mind
Tell me now so I can be there
Cause I know that you’ll be fine
Everything will be alright…”

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“Liberated” by Nive

Uber talented indie singer/songwriter Nive has crafted one of the most beautiful and romantic soundscapes of the year with his gem, “Liberated”. The verses flow like silk through the melodies creating a story that speaks to our hearts and souls and invites to smile and hold the hand that gives us the most warmth. We can embrace the beauty and honest blend of feelings and emotions that surge through this soundscape with ease as the song gives us life and reminds us of why butterflies flutter inside of us. It charms you and immediately turns itself into a song that you want to share with a special someone and personally I did. You can feel the sweet magic that only love can produce taking shape and form within the sounds, the verses and the dynamic touch that only his voice can provide and you can’t help yourself as you listen to it over and over again. There’s something so refreshingly human and inspiring about this song that allows you to dance, to sing and to rejoice as you are mesmerized by the sweet touch of this song. Liste, see and enjoy the amazing ride that only this soundscape can take you to.

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