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“Electric Woman” by Wilder Woods

Indie singer/songwriter Wilder Woods comes to us with the perfect track for that special lady in your life with “Electric Woman”. With this sweet and energetic dose of melodies and lyrics, he embraces the unknown electricity that surges through our bodies when our hearts and souls know to deliver a great showcase of musical perfection. The track is without a doubt a perfect addition to his growing repertoire and the excitement for his upcoming self-titled album continues to grow. We can feel the warmth and love that flows from the sounds and verses that make up this soundscape and we are sure to want to press play over and over again. So listen, see and enjoy the ride that is this amazing one of a kind music listen gem.

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“They say you’ll know it when you feel it…I knew my wife was the one after only one date. I went around for weeks telling people that she made me feel “electric.” She’s been my muse ever since and I’m thankful to have her in the video for the song that’s about her.” 

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