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“Legend” by Holy Wars

Alternative indie rock band Holy Wars come to us with the electric and mesmerizing musical creation that is “Legend”. With this exquisite and passionate showcase of hopes, dreams, and desires the talented band take an honest approach and connect instantly with the listeners. The open up about the struggle, the hunger, the desperation and the many emotions that surge through us all as we seek to become the legends we’ve dreamed off as we turn our fantasies into realities. The visuals complement the sonic approach perfectly creating a one of a kind refreshing experience for our senses. So we listen closely and dive into the world she has crafted in an instant. Enjoy!

“The message behind “Legend” is about desire, obsession, struggle, desperation… a whole spectrum of emotions that we feel as humans in this life chasing greatness. It’s a subject that even though we may not want to admit it, we all relate to.  I wrote this song specifically about the music industry. It serves as a POV of every artist reaching for success and all that comes with it… money, admiration, proof of existence and so on. In an industry where nepotism rules all and advantages are sometimes given to the undeserving, I wanted to show a side of reality on what chasing greatness can do to an average “good” person. How deep does your desire run?  Why do you want it? What are you willing to do for it? This is the feeling of ‘Legend’.”

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