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“Do you want me?” by Urban Escape

Indie rock band Urban Escape shines through our speakers and screens with their latest must listen/must see gem, “Do you want me?”. With this fantastic and refreshingly honest soundscape the band pulls us into a world they have carefully crafted in such manner that we are able to feel at home within it. It all flows beautifully and unites melodies, lyrics, and visuals in a way that our senses can feel excited and fulfilled as it all takes over our airwaves. The song is without a doubt a hypnotizing and electric serving of sounds and stories that gets music lovers to want more and more as our fingers automatically press play over and over again. Listen carefully, let your imagination connect with the track and enjoy the ride for it waits for you to jump into the unknown magic that lies within this soundscape.

“…How do we stop this now? 
Feels like we’re seventeen 
When rules just don’t apply 
Just throw the dice don’t care who wins 
Breathe me in, I’ll breath you out 
Strike the mood, the words allow 
You to me and me to you 
Oh, just us four and 
Nothing more…”

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