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“Ur Mistaken” by Zuli

Zuli takes old school and contemporary pop and rock melodies to craft a soundscape that is beautifully intoxicating with “Ur Mistaken”. With this one of a kind union of melodies and lyrics, the talented singer/songwriter manages to provide us with an unforgettable and much-needed experience. There’s no denying that we have been given a special treat that is sure to capture not only our senses but our hearts and souls as we fall down this magnetic rabbit hole. The track flows with such ease through the airwaves that I for one have become a fan of what Zuli can deliver in the music scene. So come with me and pay close attention as we dive into the unknown magic-filled world of this must listen gem. Enjoy!

“I wrote ‘ur mistaken’ with two points of view in mind,” he explains. “How I viewed myself at the time and from the point of view of my loved ones. Self-conscious about my position as an artist and how that affects my relationships. A reflection on the constant teetering between what I love and those I love most.”

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