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“Part of You” by Adaline

Canadian indie pop singer/songwriter Adaline comes to us with the beautiful and captivating gem that is “Part of you”. With this sweet and playfully inviting soundscape we are transported to a unique realm in which we are guided by her voice from note to note. We can feel the warmth and magic of the song as it unfolds and captures our imagination and makes us feel at home. There’s something so special about the manner in which her voice connects the dots for us and gives shape and form to the track. Plus, with the visuals, we get the chance to see a new layer be added to the track and give a special boost to turn it into a memorable one of a kind experience. So listen, see and fall head over heels with the soundscape she has crafted with pure talent and honesty. Enjoy!

“‘Part Of You’ is a feel-good bright offering on the surface but underneath stems from a feeling of tension. When you are irrevocably tied to a person. They shift to the left and you are pulled along no matter how strongly you aim for the right. Beyond all logic and the best intentions you succumb to the inevitable question ‘tell me what you want to do, cause I’m a part of you.'”

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