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“Not my body” by Sam Lynch

Canadian indie singer/songwriter Sam Lynch lets go of all the rules that bind her and opens up her soul to share the beauty that is “Not my body”. With this exquisite must listen creation the uber-talented songstress lets us take a peek inside and get a better grasp of not only her life but ours in the process. The track is subtle, gentle yet strangely powerful in its delivery letting it become an instant favorite and personally a classic as well. There’s something about this perfect blend of melodies, lyrics, and vocals that make the track feel as if it was an inviting hand guiding us through the night as our bodies and souls take different roads to meet once more at the end of the road. You feel the feelings and emotions that transpire from verse to verse and immediately embrace the warmth and human touch that awaits. So listen carefully and open up your eyes for your car is out ready to go, it only needs you in it to start the adventure inspired by this magical and surreal soundscape. Enjoy!

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