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“Robin Williams” by Noah Gundersen

Indie singer/songwriter Noah Gundersen comes to Wolf in a Suit once more and he does so with the inspiring gem that is “Robin Williams”. With this beautifully bittersweet soundscape, he pulls us into a story that is so real and so personal yet so true to us as well. He speaks of the value of our existence and how large yet small our contribution may be but no matter what we must always push ourselves to leave a mark worth remembering even if it’s just by one person. There’s a beautiful blend of melodies and lyrics within this amazing song that immediately captures your attention and provides you with a place to call home. Not only is the track sonically amazing, but the visuals manage to perfectly complement what the soundscape is serving our hearts and souls. We jump into this world the talented artist has crafted and feel it so universal and so mesmerizing. Enjoy!

“…There’s a sentimental value to the memory of love
It’s a pretty looking rainbow, what does it remind you of?
Is it somewhere there’s a heart of gold, that’s never gonna rust?
Or it’s a hard rain, honey, but it’s never gonna flood…”

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