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“It’s not true love” by Bye Beneco

South African indie pop band Bye Beneco comes to Wolf in a Suit with the visually and sonically intoxicating gem that is “It’s not true love”. With this contemporary blend of melodies and lyrics, the talented band creates a story that manages to connect with ups and downs that the quest for love at times entails. There’s something so refreshingly honest about the verses that take shape and form within this track as it does not give romanticism or sadness but an acceptance of a truth that pertains to the storyteller and to most. We can connect in an instant as the track pulls us deeper and deeper into the world that lies inside this soundscape allowing us to be one with it. We can sing, dance and see a gentle reflection of who we are and where we have been. Enjoy!

“…I comfort you
With my words, I try
To see this through
Come on, darling
Stay a while
Come on, babe, it’s happening to you now
Don’t be shy
Come on, darling…”

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