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“The Hunger” by San Fermin

Indie band San Fermin come to us with a hauntingly beautiful and honest blend of visuals and sounds with the music video for “The Hunger”. With this perfectly matched union of music video and song, they capture the bittersweet nature of the unknown quest that is trying to find love or at least a proper date out in the city. The soundscape is so enchanting and refreshing to hear and as it unfolds we manage to connect with it more and more making it feel as if the story told was ours. There’s something about this track that manages to find a home in the deepest corners of our souls making it impossible to forget and it turns into an intoxicating revelation of a truth that we have always known but we seem to want to look past. So jump into this beauty and magic of this world they have crafted and enjoy this amazing musical creation. Enjoy!

[su_quote cite=”Ellis Ludwig-Leone of San Fermin”]‘The Hunger’ is the result of a late-night discussion with a female friend about the difficulties of dating in the city.[/su_quote]

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