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Artist: Sarah MacDougall & Nyg

Song: Bleeding on the dancefloor (Remix)

Why? Indie singer/songwriter Sarah MacDougall and producer Nyg join forces and deliver the mesmerizing remix of the must listen gem that is “Bleeding on the Dancefloor”. With this refreshing and charming collaboration, both sides come together beautifully to add a new layer to this soundscape that is sure to haunt and pull listeners in. There’s something so unique about this remix that allows us to instantly gravitate towards it and not feel the lyrics but become one with the story that lies within.

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Artist: Marshall & Tep No

Song: Shadows (Remix)

Why? Marshall and Tep No open up their hearts and souls to deliver the honest and refreshingly inviting gem that is the remix of “Shadows”. With this slow-paced yet soothing soundscape, they allow the lyrics and the melodies to flow with ease through the airwaves as they enter our bodies filling our senses with joy. The remix is truly exquisite and warm as it makes us feel not only at ease but at home. We can embrace the story that is part of it in such a natural way for it feels as it was always meant to be ours. So jump into the relaxing and mesmerizing world that dwells inside this must listen gem.

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Artist: Caroline Kole & Sam F

Song: Strawberry Lip Smacker (Remix)

Why? There’s something so fun and so playfully seductive about this remix that unites the talents of Caroline Kole and Sam F that just pulls you. The track gains something new allowing it to traverse the airwaves with a natural ease that is sure to capture your imagination and your heart. The remix for “Strawberry Lip Smacker” is one that deserves to be added to a playlist meant to get you ready to take on the day with passion and energy. So dive into the sweet blend of melodies that vocals that these two talented artists have put together.

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Artist: Baby Fuzz

Song: Mr. Blu

Why? Indie act Baby Fuzz comes to us with the melodramatic and haunting musical creation that is “Mr. Blu”. With this chill and mesmerizing soundscape, we are pulled into a world that unites the old school vibes of rock’n’roll and the modern touches currently found in the genre while showcasing the amazing range of the voice. The track can instantly grab you by surprise while guiding you to a world that is both new and familiar giving your senses something to be excited about. You can find a certain je ne sais quoi within this soundscape that makes you want more and more.

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Artist: Clara-Nova

Song: Free

Why? Rebellious, beautiful and powerful are just a few words that come to mind when you think of Clara-Nova and her gem, “Free”. The track is one to be excited about as it lets us not only hear the passion in her voice but we also get a taste or her amazing talent as a guitarist in it. There’s something so perfectly human yet magical about this track that you just want to break free from all the rules and become one with this soundscape. The track is a must for any music lover and personal should be part of your playlist immediately. So jump into it and enjoy the ride that is this amazing must listen gem.

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Artist: Jule Vera

Song: Gum

Why? Indie Rock band Jule Vera comes to us with a playful and rebellious soundscape with the must listen gem that is “Gum”. With this refreshing musical creation, the track embraces the reality that comes after the heartbreak as one learns from the mistakes of the past and gains a new outlook into what was and what is. The track empowers you as the verses unfold perfectly right in front of you serving a story that is so easy to connect with for it speaks of the ups and downs that we all have to go through when in love or out of it. So jump into the adventure that awaits within this soundscape and find the fire that you were missing.

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Artist: Payson Lewis & The Klassiks

Song: Remember (Remix)

Why? The Klassiks add an electric and energetic layer and Payson Lewis adds the pop-perfect vocals delivering an inviting and playful soundscape with the remix of “Remember”. With this passionate and insightful track, we get a look into the life of Payson as you can clearly feel all that inspired this track. There’s no denying that there’s something special here and that the soundscape is not only personal but universal. You can jump into it and connect the dots for there’s something so human and so raw about this track. So listen carefully and find your reflection within the lyrics.

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Artist: Sancii ft. Drona

Song: Space

Why? French producer Sancii joins forces with indian singer/songwriter Drona and together they deliver the sweet must listen gem that is “Space”. With this track, both artists manage to provide us with something rarely seen and heard as they balance each out perfectly giving room to both talents to shine through perfectly through the song as it unfolds. The soundscape that the pair have crafted is playful, rebellious and in its own way inspiring for there is something unknown hidden within the melodies and lyrics of this gem that makes us feel at ease and pushes us to try harder and be better.

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Artist: mxmtoon

Song: My Way (Cover)

Why? Mxmtoon takes the classic Frank Sinatra gem “My Way” and gives it a refreshing and strangely needed acoustic take. With this new route that she explores in regards of this track she reminds us of what the track was always meant to be, a reminder that our lives are ours to follow and to take risks with as we aim to make our dreams be more than what we see at night when we close our eyes. The vocals are exquisite and so charming as it embraces the human and honest reality of the lyrics letting the soundscape unfold and capture to only our imagination but our hearts and souls.

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Artist: The Dream Eaters

Song: Caligula (Purple Version)

Why? Indie electro-pop band The Dream Eaters continue to break the mold and create their own unique route in music and this time they do so with “Caligula” (Purple Version).  The soundscape they have crafted through their vocals and enigmatic melodies is surreal yet so inviting that we can’t help but want more and more. So listen carefully, close our eyes and let the melodies and lyrics feed our imagination as we explore what dwells inside this world they have crafted. So dive into it for it awaits all who find beauty in verses and sounds that break the rules and serve something unknown.

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Artist: Parachute

Song: The Middle (Cover)

Why? Indie pop band Parachute takes the gem that is “The Middle” by Zedd, Maren Morris, and Grey and give it it’s own unique acoustic version. The band embraces the humanity, the reality and the wide variety of feelings and emotions that made up of the original and stripped down to allow the soundscape to unfold and tell you a story that can easily feel yours. There’s something so real, so universal about this track that made it an immediate hit and this cover manage to stay true to it while allowing it to now gain something extra making not only understanding but soothing as well.

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Artist: Speak, Brother

Song: Man of Honour

Why? UK based indie rock band Speak, Brother deliver what is honestly one of the best and most haunting tracks I’ve had the pleasure to hear with “Man of Honour”. With this surreal yet human blend of melodies and lyrics, the band paints a picture that immediately pulls you and lets your imagination be free and wild as the feeling and emotions housed in the track take flight into the airwaves. The track easily connects with the hopes and dreams that lay in waiting inside our hearts and souls, therefore, making us feel understood and welcomed into this soundscape they have created.

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