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“Let it be me” by Justin Jesso & Nina Nesbitt

Justin Jesso and Nina Nesbitt join forces and together they deliver the beautiful and mesmerizing soundscape of “Let it be me”. With this perfectly crafted blend of melodies and lyrics, the talented pair are able to tell a story that touches our hearts and souls in an instant. There’s something so magical, so poetic and so in touch with the hopes and wishes that dwell inside all of us making this song the one you would share with the one you love. Plus with the amazing visuals that make up this music video, the story unfolds in front of us captivating us instantly. So listen, see and dive into this amazing world that they have created together. Enjoy!

“‘Let It Be Me’ is what I would say to the person I want to spend the rest of my life with,”says Justin.“I would want them to know that no matter what hardships we would face, I would be there. I knew the song needed something special to finish it off, and when I heard Nina for the first time, I knew she was the missing piece. Vocally, she is a gentle powerhouse and her voice has this emotional honesty that just jumps off records while also drawing you in.”

Nina adds, “I came across Justin on the Kygo track, ‘Stargazing’. I instantly fell in love with his voice and when he reached out to collab I was really excited about it. ‘Let It Be Me’ is such a beautiful song and feels like the perfect track to collab on.”

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